Friday, June 3, 2011

Filipino Fridays 2011.4

Pop Quiz!  <g>

  1. how many islands are there in the Phillippines?  
  2. ah .... and how many are inhabited?
  3. and while we all know that Luzon makes up the largest island group .... which island group comes next?
  4. the Philippines is bordered by what Sea on the West?
  5. in what year did the Philippines become a self governing Commonwealth?
  6. who was the first President?
  7. how long did Ferdinand Marcos rule as President?
  8. what is done to the Filipino flag to show a state of war?
  9. what does the sun represent on the Filipino flag?
  10. what is the name of the Presidential Palace?
how well did you do?  <g>  don't worry!  i had to look all the answers up!  that was half the fun of doing it!

  1. 7,107
  2. 2,000 (roughly)
  3. Mindanao
  4. The South China Sea
  5. 1945
  6. Manuel Quezon
  7. 21 years, 1965 - 1986
  8. the red band is placed on the top when flown
  9. Unity, freedom and people's democracy
  10. Malacanang Palace 


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