Wednesday, June 29, 2011

... yeah, but they're not REALLY brother and sister, right?

i can't begin to tell you the number of times that i've gotten that comment ... the naivete of some thinking that just because they don't share blood, they aren't related (the same argument can of course be said of us as parents .... but that is another discussion for another day).

when i get these comments i generally just politely smile and move on.  now in earnest, what i would really like to say goes something like this ....

WHAT?  you've got to be kidding! 

 these kids fight like siblings fight!
they dob each other in as if they were related
they play one another off against each other
they certainly get jealous of each other
they cuddle, snuggle and are protective of each other

don't tell me these kid's aren't brother and sister.

was i concerned when we brought the boys home that they would be drawn to each other and close Lea out because of their biological relationship?  that they would turn to each other for comfort and reassurance?  of course!  it was a possibility we had to acknowledge.  but part of acknowledging it is being prepared to set things up to minimise those opportunities.  teaching each of our children that they are individual within our family .... that each of then has a unique place and role to fill in our family structure.  

so today we have

an eldest son who idolises his big sister
a big sister who is protective of a little brother
a little brother who adores (and hates) his big sister
a son who is starting to draw like crazy because his sister does
a little boy who wants to do what his big brother does (and doesn't 
understand why he can't!)
a big sister who gets sick and tired of her little brothers because ...
well .... they are boys!  i don't like boys!
and three children who will cuddle on the couch together,
share toys and pray for each other.

yeah .... they're REAL brothers and sisters alright .... 
REAL in the only way that truly matters!

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