Friday, June 24, 2011

Filipino Fridays 2011.7

today i'm just sharing some random shots of my family on our previous trip to the Philippines in 2009 when we picked up the boys.  thot it would be nice to focus on the beauty of the place .... both the people and the landscape.  if the pictures are not ours, then they are copyright I.T.  thank you!

our family on a weeks holidays at the beach at Batangas after
we picked up the boys.  gorgeous sunset!
Punto Miguel ..... our filipino style beach resort.  can't recommend
it highly enough!

our cabana .... we slept and ate here.  meals made on the patio
what a blast!

i know the boys look wasted!  but boy!  they were doing
amazing considering they'd only been with us
for a few days!  what troopers!

amazing woman, amazing tribute.  we were there just after her
funeral.  wow.

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