Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a slice in time

"better get moving!  time for breakfast!  if you don't hurry you'll miss the bus!"

"go away mum ..... (whinge, whinge, whinge) .... i don't want you to watch me put on my shoes!"

"why is that?"

"i just don't want you to!  go away!  leave me alone!"

(hmmmm, i say to myself .... something else going on here)  "well, you have to have a reason sweetie.  do you want me to help you with your shoes?"

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO AWAY!!!!!"  .... meltdown and heaps of tears.

"what's wrong sweetheart?"

sob, sob,  tears and heaps of sobs .....  "i miss M______ (birth mum)"

i sit down on the bed .... straight onto my lap, head buried in my shoulder and heaps more tears.

"she was such a wonderful mummy to you, wasn't she?"

"uhhu ...."  sob, sob.

"i wish she could see what a wonderful person you are growing into.  you are so smart and so kind.  she would be really proud of you i think.  you know, mummy and daddy are always happy to talk about her .... because we know how special she is to you."

sniffle, sniffle  "yeah ....."

dear Lord .... give me the grace to walk this path with them ... to show them Your love .... which is what will get them through.

a few silent snuffles.  "mum.... can you help me tie my shoes?"

"of course i can poppet.  let's get you ready for school."

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