Friday, June 10, 2011

Filipino Fridays 2011.5

lechon!  hand roasted and
very yummy!
it's friday again .... did you think i'd forgotten?  not me!  <g>

today i thot it might be fun to look at the food of the Philippines.  mmmm .... Masarap!

filipino food has this intoxicating, sensory overload affect on me.  i put my nose into the steam of a good pancit and i am instantly transported to the streets, smells and sounds of the Philippines.  on a recent trip to the Philippines my gracious host commented that i seemed to be the only one willing to try all the different dishes .... and i smiled ... "how could i not?" was all i could say.

I asked what the secret of yummy filipino food was ... and found out a few things.

  • if you put garlic, ginger and onion in it ... well, you're close enough to call it a filipino dish!
  • noodles -- rice or egg -- are a great accompaniment to any dish!
  • you can make anything adobo.  chicken, beef, pork, and yes .... even pig guts can be done "adobo" style
  • yes, rice can and should be had at every meal
  • filipino's have a great way of balancing salty, sweet and sour (sinigang is a great example of this)
  • pig guts, adobo style ... i tried it
    and it was yummy!
  • oh .... and never underestimate the sweet tooth of a filipino!  ay-yay-yai!  

i thought about sharing some of my favorite filipino recipes ... but thought, you know .... anyone can look in a cook book and give it a go.  i have always loved filipino food.  i love going to the asian grocer and just wandering the aisles to see what they have today. will there be longganisa?  and what about the bangus?  dried milkfish?  there area always new things to try.  and i ALWAYS get the staples for my kids ... the flavoured jelly or custard cups .... mango, coconut.... they love them.  i know it is a taste of home for them and i am delighted to be able to encourage it!

there are heaps of web sites that you can get recipes off of.  a few of my regular haunts are:

yes, that's me, eating a pig's ear.
the only reason my eyes
are closed is because
it was really chewy ...
and masarap!
i really encourage you to take the time to give it a go.  do you know some filipino's who live near you?  guaranteed, they would love to share with you some of their great recipes.  it's the filipino way .... and they are so gracious and honoured that we want to learn about their food!

i have to conclude with something a little funny and tongue-in-cheek.  Mikey Bustos is a very creative filipino canadian singer/comedian who has heaps of video's on YouTube about filipino culture .... and in true filipino style, they can laugh at themselves!  enjoy his take on filipino dining!

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