Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preach It Sister!

a dear friend, with three home grown boys and a daughter that she brought home from the Philippines about two years ago keeps a great blog .... i always love the way she writes ....

today, wow!  she hit the nail on the head!  

please read her blog .... about the bigotry and the ridiculous system that australia embraces ..... this has gotta change!  honestly .... we went through the system when it was hard .... but the barriers that people face today make ours look minuscule.   we need to speak out loud on this injustice .... at the end of the day it is children who are suffering

love you nicki .... you keep it up sister!

Monday, November 21, 2011

christmas .... filipino style

just a few words today.  making our first family parol and realising how much i love this side of the year .... Christmas is an amazing time for the love of our Lord, family and friends and it our house it also means taking on filipino christmas music and decorations and parols ....

a parol is a christmas star.  in the PI these parol's take many shapes and forms and are ... well .... stunning.  in the past, we have hung one in our front window ... i wonder where it will go this year in our new house?

here at home we also make a child friendly version .... for the kids to enjoy and be part of making and to take to their classes and give to friends.  our season's first has been done ... i wonder how many we will make this year?

JJ show's off mum's first parol
of the season!
this will no doubt be the first of many christmas tradition posts.  and with each one i am happy to share ....

Malagayang Pasko!