Thursday, November 17, 2011

waxing nostalgic

i have been feeling a bit nostalgic of late.  in spite of the utter chaos and anarchy that exists in our household right, now i am realising that my children are growing up .... and it's ... well ... tugging at my heart-strings.

my youngest will be going into preschool three days a week next year.  and then big school the year after.  i am getting a bit melancholy as i think about loosing the last of my kids from the baby years to focusing on learning and relationships that are outside my immediate sphere of influence.  <sigh>

don't get me wrong .... i am loving how they are growing and all the joys that accompany that ....but the need for massive cuddles and kisses is long gone, instead being replaced by a need to discuss and talk (come on honey .... can't i just give you a kiss and cuddle BEFORE we work on your homework problem???)  i grab them when i can .... and know the physical affection is mutually enjoyable.  but let's face it ... the need on their part is far less than it used to be.

so i'm waxing a bit nostalgic at the moment ... longing for the days of when they needed me so much.  and yet watching with great joy at the lovely children they are becoming and the beautiful hearts that accompany that.

i reckon it's something that every mum goes through as she watches her kids grow up .... i guess it's a part of our own growing up process too ... learning to let them go ... even just a bit .... to  become the people that God intended them to be.

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