Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a mum's pride -- it's a brag day!

my kids are all amazing.  i just have to say that, for the record!  i look at their little hands, their beautiful eyes, and their precious hearts, and i must declare that they truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made!" (ref. psalm 139:14)

one of my favorite ways to smile is to just think about these little munchkins that are the light of my life .... that brighten my day.  i love to wonder what they will do with their lives.  not in a "i need to push them to achieve" way, but just in a .... "where is God going to take you with your goals and dreams" way.  call me silly .... but i reckon in my family, i've got the first aussie filipino who will end up being PM of Australia and President of the Philippines.  okay, okay .... but i believe in my kids!  (and i hope you believe in yours just as passionately!)  i believe, with all my heart, in their abilities to be all that God has called them to be.

i only pray that i nurture and encourage, not nag and push.  fine line sometimes.  but one that must be walked if we are to fulfil the roles that God has given us.  may i understand who they are .... and gently encouraging them to explore their world and develop their skills and abilities in a fun and engaging way.

JJ ... aka "bunso boy".  you know ... he's only 4, but he has the ability to look at the world as if it is all "his oyster" ... not afraid of much (egad!) ... but still enough of a toddler to need and want heaps of hugs and kisses.  he is a very social, verbal child who manages to wrap just about every female around his little finger.  i reckon that he will be a lady killer ... with his personality and charm!  and whether or not it's because he has a big brother and sister that model so much to him, or he is just a natural ... but there is a spark there that seems to be burning brighter and brighter each day.  by the time he starts "big school" in 2013 he will be so ready to take on the world.  i can't help but smile thinking of it.

Raymie ... my "kuya man".  he is one incredible boy.  1.5 terms into kindy and he is already way beyond where his big sister was in year one.  he has maths on the brain!  that is pretty obvious. and he is also very popular with his fellow classmates (he is apparently very funny with his friends! <g>).  i am so proud of my little man.  he is the quiet one of the bunch and has really had to learn to come out of his shell to stay up with his siblings.  but he has managed -- and he is smart enough to know when he just needs some quiet and alone time ... and will go into his room, shut the door and play with his lego.  pretty darn cluey kid.  but i have to say, that right now, my favorite times with him are snuggling on the couch, school readers in hand as he learns new words and cuddles with me .... so proud of what he is achieving and so proud to share it with me.  that makes my heart smile.

and Lea ... aka  "Ate."  my princess, my drama queen!  she has a heart of gold and a will of iron!  i pray that she will continue to grow into the young lady of God that she is already showing she is.  she has skills in the creative arts that are well beyond her years.  each year in school she has received a visual arts award and the teachers regularly comment on her ability to draw and attention to detail.  drawing and writing are the things that calm her down.  it is how she expresses the "vastness" of her emotions in a positive way.  i love the way my daughter prays.  she just "talks" to God.  it really blesses my heart the way she isn't afraid to discuss anything with her Heavenly Father.  already at the ripe age of 8 she talks about going back to the Philippines and sharing Jesus with everyone who doesn't know Him.  I pray that passion and flame will burn bright always.

so yeah .... i'm pretty proud of my kids.  proud of who they are and all that they can be.  and grateful, oh so grateful that God has entrusted them to me.


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  1. Beautiful thoughts. Those pictures are really good. What precious treasures you've been blessed with. You need to read these things to them so they hear how much you love and appreciate them.