Friday, May 20, 2011

Filipino Fridays 2011.2

it's Biyernes again!  yeah! <g>

did you know that the Philippines is one of the happiest places in the world?  i can't say that i'm surprised.  the people are relaxed, friendly and there is a sense of peace there that you don't see in many western countries.  check out the link above  .... i have deep appreciation for their take on how economic superiority does not translate to inner contentment ..... well said!

take a look at the days of the week ....

     Lunes - Monday 
     Martes - Tuesday
     Miyerkules - Wednesday
     Huwebes - Thursday
     Biyernes - Friday
     Sabado - Saturday
     Linggo - Sunday

and here are the some colours as well ... 

     black / dark - itim (ee-teem)
     white / light - puti
     grey - abo
     red - pula
     blue - bughaw
     yellow - dilaw
     green - luntian
     orange - kahel
     purple - lila (lee-la)
     pink - rosa
     brown - kape
     gold - ginto

and to hear how to pronounce them properly:

but enough language.  have you heard of mikey bustos?  he is a filipino canadian that made it onto the canadian idol show.  the guy is riot .... and he's got a lovely, refreshing way of looking at his heritage.  he is a real example to me of how the filipino's embrace who they are .... unashamedly.

he's got me in the mood to cook filipino!  might be doing some adobo for dinner tonight i think!  yumm!  <g>

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