Saturday, May 14, 2011

Filipino Fridays 2011.1

**** apologies for this being a day late .... blogger had their admin area down for maintenance and i was unable to post on friday .... when it should've gone up!*****

have been mulling over a few things and have come to the conclusion it might be interesting to dive into a little Filipino culture and language from time to time (hence the Filipino Fridays post label!).  i am far from even remotely versed in tagalog .... but this is a learning journey for me as well .... care to come along?

btw.  what wonderful language or cultural things do you know about the Philippines or the province your child comes from?  Let me know!  I would love for folks to start sharing some of their own wonderful experiences!

To get things started, just a taste of a few basics in Tagalog.

Ang Dios Aye Mabuti!  This means God is good!  I like this one! (ironically learned it from an Aussie friend while in the PI!)

Now how about counting from one to ten.

     One - Isa
     Two - Dalawa
     Three -  Tatlo
     Four - Apat
     Five - Lima
     Six - Anim
     Seven - Pito
     Eight - Walo
     Nine - Siyam
     Ten - Sampu

and here is a sweet you tube video showing the right pronunciation.

there you go! hope you enjoyed the first offering for our Filipino Fridays!

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