Sunday, April 10, 2011

what i want for my children

i just want to be a good parent .... for my kids to reach their potential and to be happy .... i want the best for them .... is there anything wrong with that? not at all .... but what does that mean?

- does it mean that i give them what they want?
- does it mean that i try and provide opportunities for them to own their history?
- does it mean i am their best friend?
- does it mean i am not afraid to discipline them?

these are questions that run around in my head constantly.  when i am with them or not ... it is something i think about.  

but here, right now .... all i want to say is that i fail and i succeed.  our kids are resilient yes .... but the best thing i can do for them is to apologise.  if i screw up and either say something infront of them i
shouldn't or discipline them in a way that doesn't encourage them to learn and grow .... then i need to apologise.  own it .... because the more i own my imperfections and humanity in the face of a Father God who loves me unconditionally .... the more they will be willing to risk and own their own mistakes and foibles and understand that they can fail .... and try again.

i pray that in my humbled, fallen humanity, i can be to my kids an example of how to grow, survive and be more today than they were yesterday.  selah.

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