Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting to Know Me ....

i am a 50 year old mum of three adopted children, all from the Philippines.  a dynamic daughter, Lea, who is 8, a gentle and soft hearted son, Raymie, who is 6 and a rambunctious 4 year old boy named JJ.  they are the light of our lives .... and my husband and i cherish each and every moment we have with them.

my husband (Scott) and i are committed to raising our kids with a full knowledge of who they are, their history, heritage and roots.  this is not always an easy journey.  but it is a fulfilling and inspiring road that we walk down and relish in it.

it would seem that there is a place in this bloggy techno world for someone to share this type of journey and hopefully encourage and inspire others as they also walk their own road.  perhaps you are considering adoption?  perhaps you are waiting for a match or have your children home with you already.  or maybe you've just stumbled across this blog because of the title.  i hope that whatever reason brings you into my world will encourage you and see you grow as a person.

our journey is not just about us as a family .... but more importantly how we encourage our kids to own their history and be proud of being from the Philippines .... being "pinoy".  it's about accepting difference ... of Being different and being okay with that.  and too ... even at their precious young ages, coming to terms in an age appropriate way with the what's and wherefore's of being adopted.

i make no bones about the fact that the road i walk is underpinned with one very major thing:  an unwavering faith in an Almighty God who loves me deeply and completely.  He died on the cross for me because He loves me .... it is this security and affirmation of my place in this world that gives me a foundation to build on.  you may not believe in these things .... and that's ok!  my challenge to you is to accept that we are all different and not walk away.  think you can do that?

so rock on up ... pull out the preverbial picnic blanket and relax.  life is a journey ... discover, learn, fail ... GROW.  it's a great way to be!

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