Wednesday, April 20, 2011

reality check ....

so .... just in case you thought that my life is nothing but wine and roses and that i am always functioning in a state of bliss with regard to my family ....

bwaaaaaa...hahahahahahahah .... man!  have i got you fooled!  get a reality check!
today .... i love my family.  i don't like them and would prefer they take a hike and let me have a very long vacation on my own, but i love them.

they are driving me crazy .... ready to go back to school, bored witless (some would say that is my fault) and bouncing off the walls.  fighting happens every few minutes and i feel like a witch with a capital B .....

so don't worry.  we are a real family ... with real dysfunction.

the solace i find in that is that we are pretty darn normal.  so inspite of all our differences, culturally (we have three cultures represented in our household!), emotionally (two highly emotional females) and gender based ... we are pretty normal. 

so i take a deep breath ... (in out, in out)
i smile ... well sort of
turn around and face the fray
and remember that we are ok ...
dysfunctional ....
but then .... who isn't?

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  1. ah reality! Gotta love the highs and the lows of everyday life.