Monday, August 1, 2011

changes and resillience

we're moving.

it's a dream that has been a while coming ... but seems to finally be happening.  we have wanted to go bush ... to live a more sustainable life off the land.  hubby has secured this great job ... and we know without a doubt that this will be a better lifestyle for our kids.

but how do you get that thru the heads of a 4, 6 and 8 year old?  when you think of everything our kids have already experienced in their lives ... the loss, the anger.  and here we go, doing it all over again.  ... at least in their precious little minds eye.

especially the 8 year old.  i am assuming that part of it that she is a girl and she is older and "gets" some of it better than her brothers.  the dreams, the fears ... the need to know every minuscule detail of what we are doing .. these have already started.  teaching that you can go through this stuff and be stronger on the other side.  as adoptive parents that is so much a part of what our job is ... teaching strength and hope in this ever changing world.

the difference?  we aren't abandoning them.  we will be there on the flip side of all this.  mum and dad ... we aren't going anywhere.  and they can find strength in that.

say it again please ... so i can know it's true
cuddle me now please ... so i can know you will always be there
be patient with me please ... because i am scared and afraid
i know you said you'll be there ... but will you really?

yes we will.  the proof is in the pudding ... and in the meantime, we have to live it out. take the up days with the down days.  include them in decisions, keep the process transparent and inform them all along the way.  no surprises here ... on the table.  promise!

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