Friday, August 26, 2011

let's try this again ... Pt 2

okay.... to begin where we had left off.  to say that there was this fear that we would have the terror of our first trip x 2 was, well ... true.

however, what we found was that ....

where our daughter would writhe away from me and wouldn't let her dad touch her .... our sons were curious and engaging.  they wanted to know who these strangers were that they were being brought up to meet and were eager to sit and play with us.  while i am sure the orphanage staff were great in explaining and telling the boys who we were.... there is only so much that a 2 1/2 and 4 year old can truly understand.  i honestly believe that a big part of their comfort levels was our own comfort with the process and experience as parents.

Raymie, at 4 1/2, playing with a toy we had
brought for them.

this trip we intended to spent two nights at the home, and two full days.  as this was a return trip for Lea, it was important in allowing her to re-engage and experience this precious place in her memory.  but right now, right here .... it was all about the boys.

we spent the afternoon up the guest apartment playing with the boys and generally getting to know each other.  it was hard not to be amazed at one thing .... these were OUR boys .... they were bonding with us .... and there one dad who was very happy to have HIS boys in HIS life.  and you could see it in his face.

scott's gentle nature and sensitivity to both Raymie and JJ was a joy to behold.  they took to him like ants to sugar, like a moth to a flame.  even then, after just an hour or so, you could see that this was THEIR DAD, and they knew it.

... one more installment and then the re-telling
of our journey to family completeness is done...

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