Friday, July 15, 2011

...overthinking ...

missy moo has been out of sorts the past few days.

temper tantrums at the drop of a hat
wanting to crawl into bed with us because she can't sleep
hanging on to me when we are out and about

so what in the world is going on with this child?  hubby and i have talked about it and wrestled with it.  school starts back on monday .... she is having a few processing issues so maybe doesn't want to face that.  i'm going in for minor surgery in a week or two and she is afraid of that.  she is talking about the philippines and her birth mum ... but no more than usual.

something has to be going on in her head.  she is anxious, overwrought, lethargic .... how do i get inside that already very complicated brain of hers?

and then today while we are out she says that she can't chew food on one side of her mouth because it hurts.  so i have a look.  yikes.  nasty abscess.

that explains everything.  

"honey .... how long has this been going on for?"
"a while now .... "
"sweet pea .... make sure and let us know any time there is something going on 
that we might not know about ... mum and dad are here to help fix it.  
that's part of our job as your mum and dad."
"okay mum..."

sometimes .... just sometimes mind you .... i don't need to be over thinking things and looking for an underlying adoption issue.  it's just typical childhood stuff.  that ones been appropriately filed now for future reference.

and now we are off to the dentist.

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