Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Time

ok .... i've been feeling so guilty about not writing that i haven't.  i take it seriously .... but there is one thing i take more seriously.  my family.  spending time with them is the most important and life building thing i can do.

  • the morning cuddles with five of us crammed in a queen size bed!
  • my daughter needing some of "me" just girl time because it is so important to her
  • trying to feed my family good, healthy and nutritious food
  • watching my kids silly skits .... because they think they are hilarious!
  • looking deeply in to my eldest son's eyes .... seeing the emptiness and grief and trying to hold him and show him how much i love him and how important he is in our family
  • tickling my littlest boy until he almost pee's himself
  • doing chores ... ugh.  teaching kids that while they aren't fun doing chores is part of our responsibility to each other as a family
  • trying to help my youngest son understand that he is truly only 4 .... and while the expectations aren't as high .... we still do need him to do his part in our family life
  • and giving lots of hugs and lots of cuddles .... there is always room for more of those
these are the things that have been occupying me of late.  nothing dramatic .... nothing earth shattering .... and yet, in the end, the most important thing i can be doing as i build into my kids lives.

i leave you with this video ... it's one of my fav's and makes me smile.  i trust you will too.

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