Sunday, October 23, 2011

sharing ....

i was on facebook this morning and saw this poem and it really touched me and i wanted to share it.  it was shared by a group on facebook called I LOVE ADOPTION, and they were quoting the source as LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.  so i take no credit except to share it .... and trust that it resonates with your heart the way it did mine in the context my life and relationship to my children.

It's not about progressing, it's about returning.
It's not about silence, it's about stillness.
It's not about traveling far away, it's about being where you are fully.
It's not about building love, it's about removing your boundaries from it.
It's not about changing, it's about flowering.
It's not about struggling, it's about relaxing.
It's not about calm, it's about non-reaction.
It's not about capricious spontaneity, it's about sincerely responding in the moment.
It's not about rejecting, it's about accepting.
It;s not about nothingness, it's about somethingness.
It's not about learning, it's about not-doing.
It's not about later, it's about now ....

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  1. That is a beautiful poem, Maggie, and gorgeous pictures of your children, as always! Thank you so much for sharing them!